Richard Scott Illustration

Richard Scott is an illustrator and designer living in the Leicester UK.


Three people running with the text 'team VAL' behind it
A bookworm pops out of a book with the words 'there's nothing like a good book' above.
A group of squash vegetables smoking at their 'squash club' are surprised to be interrupted by a human squash player
An internet troll sits underneat a bridge and messages a billy goat above
A series of cartoon cookies read books in a bookshop, an annoyed shopkeeper wonders why they won't buy something
A group of heavily armed rabbits attack a man clutching a 'lucky rabbits foot'
A picture of a boy dressed in a suit of armour hiding behind a tree whilst the jabberwocky approaches
Picture of mugs with colourful mould monsters growing out of them


Hi there, my name is Richard Scott and I'm an illustrator and designer living in the Leicester UK. This site is my personal portfolio and illustration blog.


I'm always looking for new projects so if you think my work is suitable for your project then I'd love to hear from you.


The latest ramblings from my personal mouthpiece (and hopefully some pictures).